Our family has been growing vegetables for almost 100 years on the farm we call "Jubilee Back Forty".

It's been a long time since Charlie the horse pulled a plow to prepare the soil for the acres of beans, tomatoes and peppers that would be weeded by our great-grandmother and her brothers and sisters...but we still enjoy the smell of the soil and the rising steam after a warm summer rain.

We've watched tools, machinery, and practices change over the years and realize that probably too much knowledge has been lost as the farmer's need for quantity ("yield") has unfortunately led us away from the true blessings of quality farming - nutrition and flavor.

A tomato simply doesn't taste like a tomato used to taste.  But it can, and we are always thinking about how we could possibly demonstrate that food that tastes good is almost always healthy to eat.

For now, we're not growing on a large enough scale to offer produce to the public so we're using this site to simply share useful information and links to other worthwhile resources.  Feel free to let us know what you think (once we have a contact page set up).
Have a good day!