By admin, 24 April, 2024

FDA Warns Bird Flu Found In Pasteurized Milk From Grocery Stores
ZeroHedge is re-reporting a story (behind a paywall) from the Epoch Times about new regulations created as a result of the bird flu having been found in cow milk.
"Dairy cattle moving between states must be tested for the bird flu virus, U.S. agriculture officials said Wednesday as they try to track and control the growing outbreak.

By admin, 24 April, 2024

The health of everyone affects everyone's health.
Make sense?  It's true.  If someone close to you is sick, you are limited in some way, however small.  Your liberty to go out or away is limited.  You have new responsibilities, possible expenses, and more.
And even though I might not know you personally, your health affects the butterfly flapping it's wings halfway around the world.  So...

By admin, 14 February, 2024

We have a few things we recommend you avoid.
But we thought it might be better to first remind you of a few things to NOT avoid.

  • family - develop good relationships
  • good food - eat healthy: organic, nutrient-dense, unprocessed
  • quiet times - silence and seeking God

We all know there are more, but we want to be reminded of these often.

By admin, 6 November, 2023

One advantage farmers and gardeners have over other folks is their need for constant awareness of seasons.
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.   Preparing, Planting, Fertilizing, Harvesting.

It's always in the back of the farmer's mind that things have to change for things to grow.

If you've been around a few times, you know things change from time to time.
The reasons aren't always clear to a user, but we have had our reasons...and our seasons.

As always, we consider you our friend if you're here, and at least our neighbor if you're not.