Nitrogen is a chemical element with the symbol N.
It has the atomic number of 7 (the number of protons in orbit around a Nitrogen atom's nucleus).
Nitrogen acts as an isotope alternating between the nitrate form and the ammonium form.

Nitrate nitrogens promote growth response in plants and support fruiting response.

Ammoniacal nitrogens promote fruiting response and support growth response.

We suggest that, when applying nitrogen, you apply it with a carbohydrate (sugar or molasses, for example) to help adhere the nitrogen to crop roots and consequently provide the ingredients needed to manufacture the amino acids required for the production of proteins in the plant.

So if you're applying a nitrogen fertilizer, understand first whether it is a nitrate or ammonia form of nitrogen, and then add some sugar (dry or wet based on how you apply the nitrogen).

Here's an article with more information about nitrate nitrogen vs. ammoniacal nitrogen.