Can We Make Two Goals One?


Conventional agriculture has taken a tack that we don't think is very wise.  To focus solely, or even primarily, on quantity - specifically crop yield - raises some questions.

- Are we even thinking about food crop quality?
- Have we lost, or are we losing, the ability to grow nutrient-dense (or however you measure it) good food?
- What is the cost of not appreciating and aiming for nutrient-dense crops?

We think it best to aim for optimizing both crop quality and crop yield, but would place an emphasis on crop quality in terms of nutrient-density.
- Humans and animals eating foods can be sated (fully satisfied) by eating nutritious foods...because once we have our metabolic needs are met, our bodies actually tell us we're done eating.
- If we begin by aiming to grow better quality food ingredients, we can then work on improving yields.  To make more bad products never makes more sense than just making good products...unless you're an unethical business person.