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Improving Soil Biology by The Way You Grow


Advancing Eco Ag is an innovative crop amendment business.  That's at least one way to describe it.

The uncommon perspectives of AEA have helped us gain appreciation for how crops and soil are related and can communicate to benefit each other.

In this YouTube video, John Kempf explains the nuances of soil biology and the relationship between the soil and the plants growing in the soil.  If you watch the video, you'll likely gain a perspective of growing crops and plants that will impact the sustainable nature of your gardening.

Is A Famine Coming?


Without much comment, we provide and recommend the link below.

The nutritional quality of our food is already poor.  In our opinion, our longevity is resulting more from pharmaceuticals and supplements than from the best source, our food.

Though not directly related to this observation, the link below explains some of the more sobering risk factors related to our food supply...and should motivate us, not to be anxious, but to plan wisely for the future.