The Farm

Jubilee Back Forty is a small farm located between Lewes and Milton, Delaware. We grow a variety of open-pollinated, including many heirloom, varieties of vegetables and garden fruits. Our focus is on growing nutrient-rich food products. We also grow heritage-breed poultry (such as the authentic Delaware breed) from time to time and are also developing a small herd of pasture-fed ("grass-fed") Angus beef cattle.

We're currently working on building the level of nutrition on the farm - in the soil, in the animals, and in the crops we grow.  Consequently, we don't always have a lot of products for sale.  In recent years, we have operated a CSA, offered produce at the farmers market, and sold some product wholesale.  We've had some successes and some failures, but are focusing on learning and letting the farm have a little "Jubilee".

A Unique Approach

By balancing our working knowledge of farming practices with an appreciation for the natural life cycles of the plants, animals and soil, we believe we can produce better quality food. But "sustainable" and certified organic doesn't go far enough for us. We want to be improving the soil and consequently increasing the nutrient content of the foods we grow.  Sometimes, we call it "regenerative" farming.

Farming Handbook

Some would say our approach to agriculture is peculiar.  For details about our somewhat unique approach to farming, you can take a look at our Farming Handbook.

Purpose of this Website

As we have learned about farming naturally, it's been interesting learning how much information has been underappreciated and consequently lost or at least "left on the back shelf".  This website is currently a storage place for content related to what we've learned or are learning.  Hopefully, you and/or someone will find it useful.

We do have pages showing other local farms and farmers markets, as well as some suppliers we use.

If you have any suggestions or comments about the website, please let us know.